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Charter and I go another round. Wife me get smart phones bout month ago. Cancel Charter's land line phone. Wow, two smart phones and computer too much for Charter wireless. Can't watch videos or run more than one device or computer, too much for Charter wireless. Called Charter today. Charter sent a Charter repair man (very ...

Customer Service

AT&T has never been the leader in customer service in my opinion, but I used to think it was no worse than other monolithic corporations. My experience with this company over the past month has convinced me that could probably win the prize for worst customer service in the country, perhaps the world. I can't go into ...

AT&T Wireless

My personal information was accessed 3 times within AT&T - my information was changed - credit was pulled - all was done to procure iPhones at a store. We loss cell service twice as a result of their changing my account for fraud. The passcode on the account does not protect you from the inside. ...

Majic Jack
Does not work

Since January 2012, I have been trying to use magic jack. I have purchased/replaced 4, which either broke or the connections were so bad no one can understand on either end. Broken and unintelligible. Do not understand how people can sing praises. Magic Jack tried fixing several times, then blamed it on high speed connection, ...


Seems every 3-4 months they try to bill extra on services that i do not use nor need. It's always web access on my phone... I don't even text (have a block on that) much less use the web on phones, which is why i don't own a smart phone. Had a block installed on the web access too (which i requested before but seems like they ...

Boost Mobile
No service

We had Boost Mobile for about 4 months, and spent a great deal of money on our phones. All of the sudden, they had no service and we could not get a signal. We called them, and after going through numerous messages and sections we finally got a live person. They said it would be restored the following day. That day came and ...