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James Bettles Ibm data Scientist
James Bettles

This creep James Bettles may not be an actual be a executive but he’s a gay stalker and child predator who needs to be put on blast! James Bettles is a far-left, troublemaking lowlife homo. This bullying radical stalks, exposes, and harasses people of whom he disagrees with. He follows Antifa and travels to far away lands ...

Steven shay parish

Asbury corporate Dealer ship courtesy chrysler jeep dodge ram 9207 adamo dr. Tampa f.l 33619 I work at this dealership for a very long time I never seen a service director like this before. I cant work like i use to very micromanagement In every vehicle i work on this manager is on my ear i feel very harassed. we have ...

Armchem, Andy Brahams
Armchem Clowns

Just look at the other complaints on this site about Andy Brahams and Armchem. What they are saying is not untrue or unfair. I worked for these clowns for a while and can tell you they are not what they seem. They will hire you, use you up, then give your accounts to their inside sales people. Products are very overpriced, they ...