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World Of Bronze

Over a year ago I've ordered a bronze sculpture from Julie, the sculpture was called "Two Kids On a Bench" the price of the sculpture including the packing and excluding the shipping was 4 200 $, after speaking with Julie this amount was paid to their bank account. I received an invoice and confirmation, that the payment had ...

Robb Conover
Stole my money

48 days later, no painting and no refund. The painting was already completed but I never received it. I did however receive threats. here is the most recent email i sent Mr. Conover... if anyone wants to see copies of his messages I will be happy to send them to you... Good Morning Mr. Conover, I would like to give you a ...

Fine Art Liquidators
Starving Artist Scam

Jim Stringer from Houston Texas has complaints going back to 2011 under Starving Artist. Now he has upgraded his name to Fine Art Liquidators - 2016. Same glitzy TV commercials and same lame products. I have heard that he owes a great deal of money to a local TV company as well as several local hotels. How can this fool ...