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It was even better than I expected!

I am new to the concept of art collecting and while I don't claim to be a connoisseur (yet), I was overwhelmed by both the site and the service I received through WahooArt. I found a piece I had never seen before and instantly fell in love with it ("Eken" by Munch"). Ordering was easy and the piece arrived within a week. It was ...

Speaking roses
Great concept

One of my buddies started looking into starting his own business and showed me this concept. My wife and I figured she could add it to her current Etsy business and see if it generates anything. We've actually ended up growing a business completely outside of Etsy and have expanded to our own website and do more orders in ...

Robert A. Wilson, aka,
Fraud- Illegal use of my legal-given name for the purposes of fraud, illegally selling my website banner and Intellectual Property for illegal sales and commerce

Robert A Wilson owns I was doing a web search on some of the title of my articles when I came across my name on a site for a Ralph Loren ad. Robert A. Wilson of and has been illegally selling my name and my Intellectual Property for illegal commerce and for fraud, ...

World Of Bronze

Over a year ago I've ordered a bronze sculpture from Julie, the sculpture was called "Two Kids On a Bench" the price of the sculpture including the packing and excluding the shipping was 4 200 $, after speaking with Julie this amount was paid to their bank account. I received an invoice and confirmation, that the payment had ...