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Grimm Commercials

I'm shocked. These ads are WAY too graphic to be aired on daytime television. As if the horrible monster faces were not traumatizing enough, I just saw an ad that depicted a close-up of a dead, mutilated man covered in blood missing his eyes and "with all his bones removed." Is this network SERIOUS? Do they know who is at home ...
Fraudulent charges

Unknown charges suddenly appeared on my banking statement and I have not rented anything from vodu I registered last month when I purchased a new roku stick and when I go to it does not show any rented movies but they charged my card for something and now I can't seem to get answers ...

RCN Cable Service
Charges For Services Not Requested

I'm a 37 year customer getting ready to leave August 2014 someone at RCN decided to add a premier HD package to my bill (unauthorized by me) at a rate of $9.99 per month. Took me eight months to catch on and when I asked for an $80 refund I was denied. Told me it was my fault for not reviewing my bill each and every ...