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Complaint-review: Mike Wright/ Songcast Music - Rip Off

Mike Wright/ Songcast Music
Rip Off

Mike Wright the so called founder is living large on the money he scams from users of songcast/ songcast music because he doesn't pay any royalties but keeps charging you hundreds of dollars each month . When it comes time to retrieve your money they simply DON'T release it so he can travel all over the world, You Keep nothing ...
Didn't deliver tickets. Changed delivery fee. Didn't bother to check whether tickets were sent (or not). Did not contact me. I had to contact them

Ordered two tickets to an event at Fenway Park in Dec of 2015. Event was in August 2016. Four days before event, still hadn't received tickets. Called them - they had not sent the tickets yet. Was told they would be overnighted via fedx. Was told they would send fedex tracking # via email. They didn't. I got the tracking number ...

Dream team tickets
Highway robbery

Tried to buy Paul McCartney tickets thru American Express.couldnt get good tickets so looked for other venue.1st to pop up was dream team tickets.price for each ticket was $ end of transaction was charged $490.62.never got them.put in dispute with amexthen heard from them same day.they will email me tickets.ill see if I ...