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Houston direct auto

Fraudulent place, this place has a lot of bad reputation, court demands, DPs, customer complains etc., they sell cars that is in very bad and dangerous, Hazard conditions, never believe what they said, ask for documentations, Don't trust in their service department, they don't care about safe customer purchase, they only care ...

Complaint-review: Marty Lackner eelco - Betray

Marty Lackner eelco

I paid more than USD 1000 by paypal to eelco, but only got 1 of two ordered packages. The more expensive ( USD 600 incl. shipment to Austria, Europe) didn't arrive. Mr. Lackner cannot be contacted anymore . I try to get the money back by paypal. Hope he will soon find himself at prison! ...

Speedy Repo (ICU INC)
Scam Repo Comapany

I canceled the repo but they still went and repo the car. I called, emailed, text but did not get any response they ignored all my calls and email and text. When they sent the hired towing company, my customer called me and said his truck is being picked up. So again I called and she Nancy Brown answered and said the truck has ...