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Kathy M Kearney
Stale bread

To Who It May Concern. I went to Food lion in my area and purchased three types of chi ching bread. Two lofs and one hamburger bun. Within days the bread was growing white stuff on it. I was unable to use the hamburger buns and the second loaf of bread had moisture in it so i discarded it also. The expiration date is Aug ...

Iowa Steak Co
"Guaranteed to the last steak"

We were told that the steaks we purchased would be replaceable to the last steak - that if we had any problems with the meat, we could get a refund or a whole new box of the same kinds of meat. We purchased a meat and seafood box for $353.00. Some of the packaged things like the lobster tail failed within three months. We have ...

Azteca d oro server
Rude ignorant pathetic female server

I went to azteca d oro in ucf orlando, fl. I went late at night with a friend. There was a brown hair female server who acted ridiculous. She was rude to us, and everytime I wanted to order somethign or ask this idiot a question, she literally would walk AWAY from the table so i had to purposely turn my back towards the back ...

7-11 rude employee
Rude male employee

Rude male employee at 7-11 at McCullough rd and alafaya trail in Oviedo fl. Just a low life Jerk. Went there at 2am on August 3 2015. Male loser with brown hair gave a bad attitude to female customer. Just a jerk with no manners. Get some help u freak ...

Rude employees idiots

I went to the Wendy's located on Mitchell hammock rd in Oviedo fl. I placed an order for one drink. The workers there claimed they could not hear me which is funny because everyone at every other drive-through can hear me fine. Also you could tell they were lying just to try to piss me off or bring me down or single me out. ...