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Complaint-review: SNARFY KNUPSON - SNARFY KNUPSON online bully

SNARFY KNUPSON online bully

SNARFY KNUPSON AKA MS SNARFY KNUPSON is an online bully with Not a problem! sympathy. More proof to be attached. SNARFY KNUPSON will throw phrases returned at human beings then harass them in person at work the place it does no longer quit there and will attempt and tell you what you sound like with no clear appreciation of ...

Complaint-review: Samra Knezevic - Child Abuse

Samra Knezevic
Child Abuse

Samra Knezevic was hired by our church to run our daycare center. 2 weeks after she was hired we had children complaining about how Samra Knezevic was touching them in their private spots. Some of the children had bruises on their body from where the children had said that Samra had hit them with her closed fist. The money that ...