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Worst service eve

I got a sprint EVO 4G and was told it would be faster than any other carriers by the sprint rep. I have had nothing but trouble with ph. Connections, try to download anything is a joke, and I have complained a number of times to the local store and complaint lines. I keep getting the same answer– the tower is down and should be ...

Terrible Customer Service Mistakes

I have been with T Mobile for a about a year now. However almost every single month I am on the phone with to fix one mistake or the other regarding my bill. I paid my bill every single month. One day my phone was disconnected and when I called them up they said that I owed a balance of $15.00 which I did not know about. They ...

Verizon Store
No Cell Phone Service

My problem started on 11/4/11. When I went to use my cell phone that morning the screen said searching for service. The next day I went to the verizon store to see if they could reslolve my issue. They said they would send me a new one whichthey did. When I recieved it I activated it and found the same problem, searching for ...

Magic Jack
Phone Service Quit Working

I paid for 5 years for my magicjack and had to stop using it because I couldn’t hear much from my end. I went out and bought a new phone and now I have to resign in and it won’t accept it! I am deployed and purchased Magic Jack in the PX as a means to keep in touch with family and friends in the USA. Starting 04 July, I have ...

Poor customer service

I’ve been with T-Mobile for over 3 order to entise me into renewing my contract with T-Mobile for another 2 years an overzealous sales rep added two additional lines to my already existing two lines. He sold me two 4G phones in a 2G area. According to a technical T-Mobile rep, T-Mobile only offers a 2G network in the ...