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Antonio Velardo Real Estate Entrepreneur: the 'Ndrangheta's global money-laundering henchman
Antonio Velardo, born in Naples Italy on 29 June 1977 was convicted and jailed for 4 years in Italy in 2017 for his role in the 'Ndrangheta money-laundering

He was arrested for crimes related to the £390m seizure of the pre-construction resorts in 2013 and was handed a four-year jail sentence in the JoTS and El Caribe Real Estate pre-developments in Calabria, Italy. 600 Investors lost their pre-construction deposits ranging from €40, 000 to €165, 000 ...

Жалоба-отзыв: Piyush Patel - Victims

Piyush Patel

Complaint / review text: On November 6, 2015, our company The Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth NJ, filed a law suit for eviction of PIYUSH PATEL for the non payment of rent. The law Suit specified an unpaid rent in the amount of $124, 000.00 in rents owed, and $67, 728.00 in unpaid property taxes for a ...

Anna Littlejohn

Anna rented a small house from me in Issaquah. She bought a puppy soon after she moved in and left the dog in the house from 6am - 11:00pm. The dog chewed the walls, floors, doors, etc. Then her son showed up. She quit paying rent and I tried to get her out. She was never around. I told her I was ...