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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Randy Turner
Online Yellow Pages

I have received many extremely aggressive phone calls from a Randy Turner in the complaints department at Online Yellow Pages claiming that the company i work for owes them a large amount of money for online yellow pages services, when we never used their services to begin with. Obviously a scam, but just putting the word out ...

Fraudulent charges on phone bill

Shocked to find 3rd party charges $8.23 a month occurring on my telephone bill that go back almost 5 years, charges that I didnt authorize and services I didnt use! I called Laurentel's 1-800 number only to speak with some woman answering the phone from her home with screaming kids in the background. Very upset that when I ...

Metro PCS

On 1/3/13 Metro PCS promised a refund in the amount of $50.00 within 5 days. I have not seen the refund and I want the refund posted immediately. I spoke with a foreign person and she was EXTREMELY difficult to understand and to work with because her inability to speak proper English was a major barrier to overcome. My phone ...

Cox communications
Fraud across the board

Their entire modus operandi for gaining and/or keeping customers is based on "bait and switch". You must record every word from them in order to protect yourself, but don't count on that working either. They will simply steamroll over you in any case. Under NO circumstances let yourself be coerced into paying for this "cox ...

Poor service

Called In September to turn off caller ID, etc. On regular phone line. It was finally turned off in December. Ordered wireless router last week, called yesterday they have no record of my order. I am fed up with this company! The foolish people I have talked with have no IQ more than a worm! I have been a customer for six ...