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Poor Customer Service

I was a Sprint customer for over 10 years and recently had to cancel my service due to outages. My husband is a surgical nurse and actually missed a call-in due to tower maintenance that they were doing and have been doing for almost 2 months now without any explanation as to how long it will take to fix. I had to talk to them ...

Prison Lines
Rip off

I signed up for this service in order for my daughter to be able to reach me at any time she's allowed to use the phone while she's in jail and also to save myself some money. Prison Lines set up the account with my mother and they neglected to advise her that I would need to also set up an account with the jails phone service ...

Worst customer service eve

Documented 14 times in 16 months dealing with at&t customer service, mostly with broken promises of prices and service. It's very frustrating to be told one thing just to appease you then bills and confirmation letters reflect something entirely different. So why stay with them so long, they were cheap. I'm am now gladly paying ...

Poor customer service

Cancelled one of my lines and paid cancellation fee plus that months Oct ’11 bill. I wanted to swap phones as well due to my Blackberry malfunctioning I couldnt afford another at that time. Customer Service had no knowledge of how to swap it took a week of communicating with customer trying to swap the previous line ...

Rip off

On the day of Otober 24,2011 I called T-mobile about questions concerning my 2Gb data information in my contract. I spoke to many different representatives concerning this matter none of them would explain to me where it states how the 2Gb data is used and determined. So I called a second time during the same day Otober 24,2011 ...

Worst service eve

I got a sprint EVO 4G and was told it would be faster than any other carriers by the sprint rep. I have had nothing but trouble with ph. Connections, try to download anything is a joke, and I have complained a number of times to the local store and complaint lines. I keep getting the same answer– the tower is down and should be ...