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Complaint-review: Catalina Gonzalez Vintimilla - Mujer Infiel y Falsa

Catalina Gonzalez Vintimilla
Mujer Infiel y Falsa

Catalina Gonzalez Vintimilla ecuatoriana cuencana de 50 años divorciada por adúltera que dice es maestra de danza árabe sin titulación oficial válida es una mujer falsa mentirosa e infiel que se dedica a engañar a hombres que conoce en Internet a través de páginas de contactos buscando supuestamente una relación seria y estable ...

Jason Cane

I work at a bikini barista and met this guy and we began dating. The relationship seemed weird because he always said he had to work or be out of town. He brought me back to his house one time and i noticed pictures of a woman and he told me that it was his sister that had passed away. I later found out that this was his wife ...