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Today at the Fort Benning px this man and woman was there selling and advertising their jewerly as real gold, real Swarovski crystal and saying that the whole 4 pieces package will cost over $400.00 dollars and they were selling it for $70. I did my reasearch and found out that each piece that they are selling caomes straight ...

Universal Advertisng Associates, Inc

Extremely dishonest group. Sold us advertising and said we did not need to pay until we received that map and it was to our satisfaction. They brought the map into our store, it was fuzzy, tiny print that was not readable and frankly was of such poor quality it did not meet our standards. We told them it was unsatisfactory. ...

Complaint-review: Appliances Connection - False Advertising

Appliances Connection
False Advertising

They post they will pay you upto $22.50 in CASH for reviews on products you have purchased, then change it into points after you do it, I tried showing them the site where it no where shows the points, I had a customer service rep Douglas agree with me and tell me I would be getting my $22.50, Calvin a manager then tells me, he ...