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Charged my card without consent

There was a charge of 19.95 on my credit card for this. When I called 888 896 4942 I was told it was for vitamins and an online subscription. I explained that I had never agreed to something like this. They could not tell me how they got my personal identifying information, what I had bought or from what company, could not ...

Darren Ambler..............aka Darren Scott Ambler....aka "Busted Balloon"
Sex Predator- Prostitute- Abusive Sociopath- Liar-STD Carrier- Rapist: Evil- Cherry Hill- NJ:

Darren Ambler has gone on various web-sites complaining and using foul language because he knows what is printed is 100% True and Accurate. At least the Homely freak should be given credit for not lying more and denying the truth about his immoral and unacceptable behaviors over the past 3 or more years. This deranged ...

Complaint-review: Paul Ray Ramsey - Paul Ramsey - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Paul Ray Ramsey
Paul Ramsey - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Paul Ray Ramsey, otherwise known as "RamZPaul" on YouTube is a sociopath. Paul is an anti-gay misogynist. He is also anti-liberal and anti-diversity. This creepy old man lives in Oklahoma with his wife of over 30 years. Paul Ramsey is a liar and a cheater. He has been unemployed for over 10 years. Paul visits Europe often and ...


I paid up front for a reading. I was told, "Hello! Thank you for your order! I will send your reading to you soon, please feel free to write me anytime with the details of your order. I look forward to reading for you! Many blessings, Isabella Clare" in an auto response. The next day, " Hi! How are you today? Thank you for your ...