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Frankie Senesi Jr
Frankie His Elderly Aunt Kay

Why no one has ever mentioned the Day he Pushed his Aunt Kay down the stairs. Trying to Kill Her over the money her late husband left him that she was able to contest in the will so he would not have it.I am a former Partner who was with him at the time that this all took place .who was trapped in a very controlling ...

Complaint-review: Jeremy Barnett - Skipped out on paying people

Jeremy Barnett
Skipped out on paying people

I want to warn everyone about Jeremy Barnett. Like the snake oil salesman he is, he convinced me to leave my clients/job to help him out in his newly formed marketing company ( Jeli Ventures / Anonymousam ). He promised me higher pay and shares in the company. I attended multiple meetings with him at Petit Ermitage (a hotel ...

Richard Erik Ely
Defamation Of Character

Richard Erik Ely is in violation for Defamation Of Character for posting on the internet lies an out me that are completely false. I have a signed and notarized letter from him stating I was wrongly accused and is was a mistake in identity. He also posted this and a retraction on a website called Rip off report dot com. I will ...

Complaint-review: Laura Castillo Stein - Child Abuser

Laura Castillo Stein
Child Abuser

Laura Castillo, aka Laura Stein lives in Irvine, California. She is a creepy OLD lady with a Criminal past. Her Mother and Father, Ella Stein and Leo Stein are well known child abusers. They sexually abused, physically abused and emotionally abused children at their Circle S Ranch in Salome, Arizona. Below is a clip from an NBC ...


I moved here in a April and ordered my keys for my mailbox at the sandy creek post office. It is now the middle of June and I still have not received my keys two months later. I go in every week and have to wait 40 minutes MINIMUM for them to tell me I have no keys and sometimes no mail. This is the absolute biggest waste of my ...