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Poor service

Called In September to turn off caller ID, etc. On regular phone line. It was finally turned off in December. Ordered wireless router last week, called yesterday they have no record of my order. I am fed up with this company! The foolish people I have talked with have no IQ more than a worm! I have been a customer for six ...

Customer Service

It almost seems as though each time I have purchased a new phone (upgrade from the one before), I end up having a problem with my Cricket service. Last time it was the constant problem of putting minutes on my account after countless purchases of a $45 top up card, now it is almost the same situation. I purchased a new phone at ...

Unwanted calls

I have a do not call for my cell phone and home phone, This company calls at least 3 times a week and I have tried to tell them to stop calling me. When I start to tell them they hang up. The phone no. They are calling from is 202-499-1488. Please contact them and tell them to stop calling me. ...


I walk into t-mobile asking for their $7 sim card and activation. The guy says, no it's $15. I walk out, and my boyfriend walks in asks for the same product with a print-out of the price, the same guy tells him, no it's not $7, it $10. I wonder how the price fell by 30 percent in 20 minutes. Maybe because they lied. To my face. ...

Phoenix, AZ

We get calls from this same # frequently. We don't recognize the # so we don't answer. After reading the previous complaint, I'm glad we didn't! There is no Company Name listed on caller id. Just shows Phoenix, AZ ...