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Complaint / Review
Charter Communications

Words cannot express the disdain I have for this company, their incompetent staff and their lack of ethics.

They should be dismantled and anyone with any sense should avoid them like the bubonic plague.

I had Verizon for 8 years without a problem, one day some sales (snake oil) merchant from Charter convinced me to switch to what seemed like a better plan to save money "BOY WAS I WRONG"

That was the day I opened the ultimate "time sponge machine"

Its true you get what you pay for in life

If its too good to be true - it usually is...

Yes folks if you want the following service then Charter is the company for you.

1. Live human robots with limited vocabulary skills

(I used the word "minuscule" and the supervisor (yes this tear 2 level robot) tells me "now sir, there's no need to use language like that with me" true story!:)

2. Promise of a plan that will turn out to be supposedly a figment of your imagination (even after they record the process for your protection)

3. Fraudulent over billing

4. Being randomly cut off for non payment of bill even though they hold 700 dollars of your money on account

5.3rd world quality phone lines

6. Wait 30 seconds for a call to connect - hey make some other calls on your cell in the meantime

7. Downright RUDE unhelpful staff... Trained bullshitters in the art of "passing the buck"

8. When there is any problems with the weather you can guarantee you'll be the first to be cut off

(I sat through the Malibu fires - no phone - no cable - no internet)

Meanwhile my neighbours with verizon are watching the news updates on the fire while they call and email - we had to go out and sit and listen to the radio (in the car) like my grandparents did in the 2nd world war.

9. Clueless tech support technicians.

And it goes on and on...

If you have a bunch of time to waste and money to burn and need to get stressed, upset and just generally feel like you've been violated then sign up for charters 3rd world miscommunications package and sit without a phone for 10 days while they attempt to port your number over.

After my experience with Charter I may be better off buying some jungle drums and carrier pigeons to communicate with.

Offender: Charter Communications

Country: USA

Category: Telecommunications


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