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I have made several complaints about my post office. 1. Clerk and carrier 2. Packages not being delivered to my front porch even though my packages have always been delivered to my front porch prior to this month. To have the clerk tell me it is about cubic feet of a vehicle. My carrier has a mini ...

Class Action

Please if anyone here is an Attorney and wants to start a class action again Certegy/equifax let me know througfh my email. I am game. I am not going to write a long drawn out story that needs to be heard in the law of the courts not here. What they have done to me is criminal, jail time for there ...

Mad 3 years later

My car is in terrible condition. 3 years ago amaco on gall blvd. zephryhills fla. Worked on it. They had it for 6 months. Claiming they were passing it around trying to fix it. 6 MONTHS LATER... i get it back. They were only supposed to change the ignition switch. I get 1 mile away. And lost my ...