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Complaint-review: Samra Knezevic - Child Abuse

Samra Knezevic
Child Abuse

My wife and I offered Samra Knezevic a position in our home as a nanny to watch our young son who is only 18 months old while we were away in Europe. We were gone approximately three and a half weeks and when we came home we discovered the most horrific nightmare in that Samra Knezevic had been abusing our child. We discovered ...

Bonnie kase

I have charity carewhich waS SNEVER APPLIED. i CALLED hrrG AND THE MAN BECAME HGOTILE TELLING ME THEY DONT HAVE CHARITY CAre which they do. He called me basically a lar and said only hospitals have charity care. This man was very hostile and demading for a bill I don't owe ...