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RHP Properties
Slum Lords

This company are nothing but total SLUM LORDS! None of the septic systems are up to the county code and they are trying to make the residents pay for them to get fixed. When they are their responsibility. The trees are all dead in there and in perfect weather they are falling onto our homes. (In our Park we own our homes and ...

RF Security
BE AWARE - Harlan Powers aka Helen Pappas

ALLERT ::: SOLO MASTERMIND OF DECEPTION Be aware of Harlan Powers aka Helen Pappas in The PalmDESERT. LA.Beverly Hills.NY. NJ. SHE HAS BEEN ARRESTED WITH GRAND THEFT AND CHECK FRAUD!!! She preys on innocent elders and plays tricks on Agents.Escrow Co. Car Dealers. RV ALLERT::: FAKE “POF” “WIRE FUNDS” CHECKS BANK SCAM ...

Gorilla Capital
Will Steal Your Money

SCAM! John Helmick and Gorilla Capital will steal your money and cut you out of the deal. They will either charge you outrageous, undisclosed fees or simply cut you out of the deal completely. Then, if you disagree, you can go to arbitration and pay even more. This happened to us... And when we disputed with him, John ...