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Complaint-review: Inese Mitenberga - Inese Mitenberga

Inese Mitenberga
Inese Mitenberga

Inese Mitenberga of Latvia. Is known in the internet community for cheating and sleeping around with obese men, bearded men, men over age 30, and all this when she was giving every men she was having sex with the illusion she was single and only to them. Some men shared the photos of her introducing herself as single and ...

Pizza Hut
7.99 coupon switches to 9.99 price at checkout

When I order a pizza with the 7.99 any pizza coupon from the dominos website it switches to 9.99 when I go to checkout. clearly not ok, and not acceptable. I wonder how many people have been ripped off so far? When I called the Burien, WA location, they said to contact the website people for their company and that they wont ...