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GreenbyPhone Scam

GreenbyPhone is a scam. They took my money and I cannot use their service. They refuse to issue me a refund. They will steal your money if it sits in their account for more than a year. THIEVES, SCAM ARTISTS, CROOKS, DISHONEST BUSINESS. ...

Fine Art Liquidators
Starving Artist Scam

Jim Stringer from Houston Texas has complaints going back to 2011 under Starving Artist. Now he has upgraded his name to Fine Art Liquidators - 2016. Same glitzy TV commercials and same lame products. I have heard that he owes a great deal of money to a local TV company as well as several local hotels. How can this fool ...

Complaint-review: 800notes - Reverse Phony Directory

Reverse Phony Directory

It not a real Reverse Phone Directory as they advertise, its a complaint site for unwanted calls that people can rant and discuss what people should do about it. The 2 main things are scam baiting and block/ignore strategies, but the "regulars" won't discuss about it, instead resort to insulting everyone who doesn't agree with ...