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Buy and Sell Cemetery Plots

NDo not pay these people up front, they take your money and you never hear from them. If you call they say "interest but no buyer" this went on for one year. We paid them 1500, its a real scam and the buyer needs to be aware. STAY CLEAR OF THEM. The advertising looks great but that's all it is pretty pictures ...

Credit card fraud

I have had 4 charges charged to my credit card since Friday 2.23.2018. They show up as WMACTL And there were two $17.00 charges and two $24.00 charges totaling $82.00. Upon researching the mmerchant, I find that theses appear to be related to payphone calls billed to a credit card. The problem is I HAVEN'T SEEN A PAYPHONE IN ...

Unreturned Franchise Fee

I was scammed out of my franchise fee of $30, 000 from Meineke. I thought about being in business for myself, but with the support of a reputable franchise. I picked the wrong franchise. Meineke took my franchise fee, promised everything would be ok. They are a ripoff and you should stay away from them. ...