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Complaint-review: Drive Headquarters - Bill for unknown service

Drive Headquarters
Bill for unknown service

I never had any service with this company, and now I have got a bill for $101.49. I don't know for what. They took payment through PayPal, as it was some agreement made on 2012, but I don't know anything about it. And if it is monthly statement why I have got it just now (as PayPal gave me information it is from 2012). I want ...

Equitable Acceptance
Trying to lower student loan payments and they are charging me plus charging the amount owed to them $1500

Trying to get rid of some of my student loan debt which isn't even mine its my kids......i have numerous loans under my name and i only make so much money - plus need to support my own bills - they said i would have lower payments and i need to pay their fee too.......thats only for two loans the other 3 i have to pay on top of ...

Acura Cockapoos, Dee VanLan
Sick pups

Purchased a pup from Acura Cockapoos and at the first vet appointment the dog had an illness Giardia, now 2 months in we have spent over $300 on antibiotics plus another $500 in vet fees and fecal tests along with the stress that comes with trying to get it to go away. We are on the second course of antibiotics because the ...

Bill McKeag
Tony M12 is a Liar and a coward

This person has posted a complaint on this forum about Bill McKeag which is a complete lie. It is unsubstantiated and just an evil jealous act perpetrated by a coward simply out of badness. We can substantiate and prove our long-standing and fully licensed business since 2011 if anyone cares to check with me. ...

Horrible Summer Camps

Don't waste your money on any summer camps offered by this company. The instructors are horrible, and so is the company's management. I registered my kids for the drone camp and robotics camp for middle school kids. At the drone camps the instructors had the kids doing coloring sheets and word searches most of the week. When ...