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Sweepstakes Advisor Audit Bureau. P.O.Box 549012 Dallas Texas, 75354
Sending me contest Sweepstakes and wanting money for something that I didn't apply for

Hello, I would appreciate if you would quit sending me you scam contests at 411 N.E.13th Street Abilene Kansas, 67410. If it continues I will report you to the authorities.......... This is been sent to me in the last 3 months and I have forwarded a contact to have them to stop, and they still keep sending this Scam material. ...

Tech Support Scam

I got a call from a lady claiming to be from TechElite Technologies LLC asking for credit card information and personal details. When I refused she transfered me to her supervisor named Ethan who threaten me saying my computer is not safe and that hackers will be stealing my information. Stay away from them! ...

Steven shay parish

Asbury corporate Dealer ship courtesy chrysler jeep dodge ram 9207 adamo dr. Tampa f.l 33619 I work at this dealership for a very long time I never seen a service director like this before. I cant work like i use to very micromanagement In every vehicle i work on this manager is on my ear i feel very harassed. we have ...