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Complaint-review: Kent Taylor - Investments

Kent Taylor Investments

In Jan of 2014, I lost my husband. It was a big loss for me and for my family. I decided I needed a change and to sell my only home to start a new life. During the month of May, I have managed save a horse only after another one passed away. Shortly after I decided I wanted to rescue horses on a higher level. I started ...

Anthony Fehrenbacher
Suspect / Theft of Property

Anthony William Fehrenbacher is suspected of stealing property in Rocky Mount, Missouri on or around October 2016. The following items were reported stolen with the Sheriff's Office. 1937 John Deere Model A Tractor Johnson Gun Safe 17 Guns - detailed list provided in the police report 1964 Ford Tractor John Deere Lawn ...

Karl Saxon McKinnie
Concur with Prior Reports

I knew this POS back in the early 1980s. Dude scammed a bunch of people at SDSU out of their money (including me.) His game back then was he was a rapper out of Brooklyn (Super Rhyme), a concert promoter, his daddy was Vice President of General Mills, he was boys with Rick James, he was a Marine, etc. Guy has always had a small ...

Calls himself CEO of alpha wear

I submitted a request to be an "athlete" for a company called "alpha wear". They have a website and everything. The ad was through their instagram. So I get a text message from the CEO named ALBERT saying I need to purchase a $200 worth of gear from them to be a "paid athlete". I respectfully declined and he started harassing ...