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Kimberly Edwards
Unpaid work

I was scammed by Kimberly Edwards. I wrote 150 articles for her kapow magazine on and received nothing in return. $800/week. Nope. Nothing. I spent hours and hours creating content for 3 months! Scam!!!! ...

James g. Rapisardi

WATCH OUT FOR JAMES RAPISARDI. AKA JIM RIPASHARPI, JOE DOKES, LaJAMES BROWN . He is a crook, he will try to rent and sell property that he does not own BEWARE THE RENTAL SCAM!! HE WIIL ASK YOU TO PAY A DEPOSIT IN CASH AND NEVER SHOW UP WITH KEY. don't get caught like me he's a smooth talker ...

Baker Nissan

BEWARE!!!!!! This company is a fraud. I applied for an auto loan online and was sent an approval the next day for Baker Nissan Northwest. They kept open communication for the 5 days in between the time I got approved from the time I could go into the office. Once I arrived I filled out a credit application and sat in the office ...