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French Bulldog

The company ask me pay money by western Union continuously. I paid $84000 already. A man said he is manager. he said the bulldog is too small so I have to buy the crate But I paid a lot of money already. I paid money but I can’t get anything. What can I do!? I send western Union to: Names:Jesline Mbong. Country:Cameroon. ...

Ted Saltzman
Farud Artist

Ted is trying to lure my mother, who is 90, to California to allegedly return the $25, 000 she borrowed/stole from her many years ago. She most show up in person to retrieve it. He won't give me his address to send him a cease and desist (I am her legal Guardian) and instead swears on the phone. Feel free to call him @ ...

Richard Erik Ely
Defamation Of Character

Richard Erik Ely is in violation for Defamation Of Character for posting on the internet lies an out me that are completely false. I have a signed and notarized letter from him stating I was wrongly accused and is was a mistake in identity. He also posted this and a retraction on a website called Rip off report dot com. I will ...