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Complaint-review: Keneysha roy - Error

Keneysha roy

To whom it may concern, I very upset with your company and will never do business with Mineral Elements's by Eden bka America's Makeup Choice again. I am very upset of the fact that you did an unauthorized debit of 89.58 out my checking account. When I informed you of this incident not only were you not helpful I felt like I ...

Managing Partner

I recently decided to run a little investigation on Yellowstone because I had reason to believe they were stealing my companies leads, applications, and renewals.I simply used a Google Voice phone number and an email that I had access to when submitting the applications. This should be done for anything you send to this ...

Lease Agreement

I signed a lease agreement on April 25 th, 2016 for a z-best zero turn, I paid a down payment on May 4th, 2016 for that zero turn. On May 6th, 2016 i was told i couldn't get that zero turn. The vendor said he recommends a John Deer zero turn. I was very un-happy. So i said i guess so as long we get that lease redone. Well they ...