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Consumer Report

I noticed on the 24/07 that £10 had been taken out of my account from this website, I have no knowledge of ever agreeing to or joining this membership scheme. I looked back into my accounts and found this had been happening since June taking a total of £370 to date ...

SC Law Group In California
Consumer Report

Payed for modification for first and second mortgage first one actualy was succsessful although that was due to my legwork. Getting them to do anything that they promised was like talking to a brick wall... Then when they were shut down I continued the application prosses with my second mortgage ...

American Bill Pay Org
Consumer Report

They promised me and everyone else if you pay your service charge you would get a cashiers check in return. I paid way before due date in full. After that date no phone calls excepted several emails i sent in to that company. The 1 receptionist wont answer the phone no employees exist their. I want ...