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NMX Health Radar

Today, November 17, 2021, I noticed an unfamiliar charge on my Visa Card. The charge was for $39.95 It was NMX Health Radar. When I Goggled this I saw that it was a scam. I never authorized this charge and I would like my money back. Thank you. ...

Josephine Gomez
Child Pornography

Jeff Dominic Price, an scumbag attorney in Santa Monica, CA. and Josephine Gomez, his old dried-up prune woman have been running a child pornography ring for several years. I've seen that, under a different Post about Josephine Gomez, a lot of other people who she (Josephine Gomez) has scammed and stolen from and cheated and ...

Complaint-review: Figi Brands, LLC - Figi Brands

Figi Brands, LLC
Figi Brands

Figi Brands is the brainchild of two ordinary guys who over the years have amassed a various collection of nagging aches and pains earned while playing youth sports, adult softball, sitting in middle seats of commercial aircraft, raising a family and many more activities which are too numerous to mention. One night as we were ...