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Metro PCS
No incoming calls

I recently bought 2 smart phones (optimus and ascend). After a few days people starting telling me that whenever they tried to call either phone... It would redirect them straight to voice mail. After testing the issue myself, it seems that whenever the phones and/or applications are utilizing any data, calls get automatically ...

Verizon Wireless

I bought a new Blackberry from Verizon 21 days ago. The phone after a couple of weeks of usage started having multiple problems such as the screen going black while I was typing, or the phone constantly froze up on my and I had to take out the battery just to reset the phone. I tried to get a new phone from Verizon but it was ...

101 phones
Selling used phones as new

Beware of 101 phones. I bought a Panasonic office phone system with 3 cordless phones. On the website they state" factory serviced". This actually means "refurbished". The phones arrived in a plain white box with no instruction manual, and no cords. I called 101 phones and they referred me to Panasonic. I spoke to technical ...

Customer service

I thought I'd try tmobile... They are the worst phone company ever. I SPENT FOUR HOURS trying to get my new phone activated. THey had no record of me, my account, my phone, or anything even though i had the email and the paperwork that came with the phones. I got transferred to NINETEEN different people who could not help me AT ...

Sprint Mobile

Why do you have to have advertisements flashing on your sites? It is very distracting and you can't view much on the page. It even gives you a massive headache. I am thinking of switching to another home page. This is to distracting. Yours truely, Pat Englund ...