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National Platinum
Unauthorized charges

Does anyone know how to get your money back from this company, I too got an unauthorized cash withdraw from my bank account of $99.95 out... I called today the company and they told me they couldn't do nothing cuz I was over the 7days period, meanwhile I never took out an account with them nor have information on what they ...

Cricket Wireless
Took my Money

Though my bill wasnt due until THE 19TH of May, cricket cut off my service. I called and made the payment as usual, using my mastercard. I authorized cricket to take $113.41 out of my account. That morning i checked my bank account because i was informed that a debit was declined., and discoverd that cricket had overcharged my ...

Portugal Telecom SGPS SA
Unsolicited Phone Calls

Your ability to use unsolicited phone calls to your own clients beggars belief. We rent both lines and equipment from you only for you (Portugal Telecom) to abuse the situation. Just because you live in a non competertive market within your industry, you regulaly invade our privacy by telephoning us day or night, most times ...

USA Mobility Inc
No Service, but Charges Anyway

I found out that my emergency pager for patients no longer worked in my home town, but it continued to work in an adjoining state. I called and they said the transmission system was working fine, they sent me yet another new pager, which again didn't work at home, but did at my office. I have not moved and have used this ...

Verizon wireless
About my Bill

I pay my last bill 4/09/11, $279.17 this is a full payment until March. My cycle end 3/15/11. This payment are for 3 lines with family plan. But on April 17/2011 I cancelled 2 Line because contract end for those line so I let only one line working and I change my plan for $39.95 only one line. Customer service told me they will ...