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Virgen moble
Stole my Money

My name my cell phone is Amina Alward for the pass two years. I recently bought a adrion by Virgin Mobil on April1/2011 and it came with 300 mins. So I bought a $6/. 00 top on 4/4/2011 for the unlimited service plan for incase I run out the free mins. This week my phone service went out. I call them thier excuse was that I top ...

Verizon commercial
No Internet Due to Verizon Erro

My DSL was disconnected due to their error, then added to the wrong phone line, still wouldn't connect, then added back to correct ph line, still wouldn't connect. Was with out svc for over a week! No one from Verizon Business office ever called to apologize! Thank god for their road crew. Jim Ano and Allison are the best ...

Henry stroz
Unprofessional Service

I have earlier spoke to a rep about my rotot not being conn. So i paid the fee to have him do it faster, i was still under warranty, everything is good. I went to my welcome center and found something that i think it doesn't belong. It's open and gives info. I call your tech supp. They put me on hold and played rap music at the ...

MetroPCS Communications Inc
Sold Obsolete Phone

New hire that had to ask owner questions. While the owner was taking care of his customer, then taking upon himself after owner didn't want to be the end i got an obsolete phone (which i found out from the owners wife) that rings when it wants. Still get voice mails but i'm in a legal issue that i need to hear my ...