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Trying to Disconnect Service

As of March 2011, i was told my service was able to be disconnected in April. When i called April 11, to make a request of disconnection they said that i could not do it until May. And toady, May 11, i was told no. That i have to until May 15. I spoke to two people today. Last two weeks i called to confirm that i was able to ...

Cricket Kathleen Ave
Customer Service

I took my phone to cricket around 3:30P.M. On 5/9/11because it wouldn't stay charged I was having a problem with it for a couple days before I took it to Cricket. The employee Johnathan assisted me at this time he tried to charge it with one of their chargers. It didn't work he then said it was a manufacture defect that I ...

Sprint phones
Standby of my Phone

The phone 6316644253 has been put on standby with approval from your manager. I called in November to to keep it on standby and spoke to Shanigua. All was okay. Today I called to keep up the standby and was told they disconnect the phone. I was told to pay the 88.36 and standby was to continue, by Terry. I paid and was transfer ...

Verizon commercial
Bad Service

Today they came out and put the lines up they where nice. Then the guy was supposed to install the stuff inside he came out two hours later. He was rude he didn't seem like he wanted to do the work. So i had said then forget it. He just said ok so when he came back. By my camp site i was gonna give him back the equipment. He ...

US Celllular
Unreasonable Billing

I saw an agent in past Nov. Because our cell phones battery was weak and I traded for a new phone. I did not believe that I signed another two year contract and gave the sales person our old March I tried phone (cell }that I got through AARP. I had forty-five days to make up my mind. My spouse passed away on March 28. ...