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Travelers Advantage

I usto work for great fun... And travelers advantage and shoppers advantage... Its a big SCAM... I got fired couse i mentioned to anouther employee that i dont think what the company was doing was correct but since the company telemarkerters and operators are not located in the united states but in mexico. Or at asian companies ...

Customer Service

Tmobile screws me once again. This time goes like this. I called them in March. Told them I never requested insurance for my phone and please remove it right away and credit me what ive been charged for the last few months. Well I just looked at my bill and guess what, insurance is STILL on there and im STILL being charged. I ...

Betty colburn

We are having very bad service or no service at all calls dropped all the time we went to local dealer said they are having problems down south so we are very unhappy now with verizon been with them for about 7 years but now we will have to go to another carrier very UNHAPPY!!! ...