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Sprint Mobile

Why do you have to have advertisements flashing on your sites? It is very distracting and you can't view much on the page. It even gives you a massive headache. I am thinking of switching to another home page. This is to distracting. Yours truely, Pat Englund ...

United Tech Cell
Blackberry Curve 8330

Ordered a Sprint Blackberry cell phone from United Tech Cell on April 25,2011. When I reveived the phone, it could not be activated because although it was advertised as a Sprint phone, it was not. I mailed it back with a return receipt from the USPO to insure that they received it, which was delivered back to them on May ...

National Platinum
Unauthorized charges

Does anyone know how to get your money back from this company, I too got an unauthorized cash withdraw from my bank account of $99.95 out... I called today the company and they told me they couldn't do nothing cuz I was over the 7days period, meanwhile I never took out an account with them nor have information on what they ...