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Gloria Calvillo

Good Evening, The reason of my message is because I am very dissapointed about your services, back in December 22nd, I went to a Verizon Store in West Covina, Ca, to upgrade 3 of my Verizon Lines, my interest was to get the turbo droid or Galaxy 6, however I was convinced by the agent and Manager to upgrade to 3 Galaxy Note 4 ...

Money frauds

This person told me i will give u iPhone in cheap rate. i have transfer money to his account not he not give me any thing please do some thing this is information about that person VOTER DETAIL VOTER_ID: 600885497 COUNTY_CODE: 16 COUNTY: Denver LAST_NAME: CHAPMAN FIRST_NAME: TRAYCE MIDDLE_NAME: ANTHONY ...

Shenzhen HaiYu Electronics
Never respond! Care

A couple of days ago I received an email offering different phones at good prices... I register on your website and make the purchase of $ 1,000... I never get any confirmation email, they never responded to my emails, I add in my Skype to this person named Jack, skype: JICK_8520 E-mail: But he never ...