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U-Turn Vending
They Don't Want to Get Caught in their Lies

U-Turn has no interest in helping people with their financial issues. I have complained to them many times about how over 8 months my machines have not produced anywhere near what they said they would.

I tried to sell back the unused machines I had for less than what I bought them for in exchange for one or two big snack/soda machines, which are apparently more popular. They do not care to help at the risk of my lack of profit with these machines becoming verifiable.

They claimed it would be about $80 per machine per month. They told me to keep in mind a profit chart on their site. That chart has 88 people on it of the thousands who supposedly bought from them. No dates are mentioned on the chart and no one on the chart has my model of machine (the 8-select — rightly called The Terminator, because it terminated my

The profit depends on the products appreciated. Much of the products they tell you to sell do not work well, depending on your location. Hence, their top candies chart is meaningless, since their research is insufficient, if you consider it relates both to the past and to unknown geographical areas.

I bought 50 machines for $550 each, plus a lot of crap I was sold and didn't realize I didn't need. I, along with many others, feel foolish for falling for their upbeat Mountain Time-accent sales fact, you can buy a "Terminator" vending machine for between $100 and $150 on ebay. Maybe $175 to $200, if you're buying from someone who is doing his best to make as much money back on his unused 8-select investments.

Also, here's the best part - I was told I was the first where I live to have these machines and found out that that is not true. If any of their staff writes a rebuttal, ignore it. They can try to protect their image and sell as many machines wherever possible, but I learned the truth.

They didn't want me to find out how much I would be able to profit here, which was for a long time on average in the mid to upper $20-range per machine per month and now is in the low $30-range per machine per month. I have not been able to get out all of my 50 machines, either.

I have had two locators try to help me, but they can't do their job well here, even though U-Turn recommended them. The current locator has been providing a lot of professional sales support, but only unfortunately I have 17 more machines to place while many of my machines currently out pull in next to nothing. I have to spend gas money on supporting the machines that don't do well, too.

My patience, considering how I need to support my family with this business and cannot with the unmet promises fed to me, has worn out. The rate at which people are considering having these machines put in, even considering the charity I support with them, is leading me further into regret.

If you ask for references for how well these machines do, they will have you talk to the people who do best with them. Of course, these customers put in a lot of time to find good customers, but U-Turn doesn't want you to figure out that it also depends on your location until after you have bought your useless machines for three to five times as much as you would pay on ebay.

Offender: U-Turn Vending

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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