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U-Turn Vending
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U-turn vending
Fed me a lot of hype on how productive their machines can be i was told the least to expect was 120 a month per machine its more like 20.00 when i asked my so called business coach he just oh it just

U-turn vending is a complete rip off they con u by telling you how well the machines produce i bought 14 machines from them 12,4-selectors and 2 terminators i used a location service recomended by uturn it was a nightmare the first one wanted to come pick up my machines and deliver them for an up ...

U-Turn Vending

I normally would not file a complaint against any company but U-Turn ripped us off good. My husband was on disability and sick. Gary from U-Turn assured my husband that we would have a good stable income knowing that we were making a major investment with the only money we had. My husband trusted ...