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I received a bill in December 2011 in the amount of $609.35. I then proceeded to call LADWP to dispute a bill that more than doubled from my previous bills. Below is a history of all the contact dates to LADWP Customer Service and Field Investigations (Mr.ingram).

12/22 – I called LADWP Customer Service to ask why my bill had more than doubled. They indicated that the readings appeared to have been incorrect. I stated that I have been calling in my readings for several months because:
(1) every time I left the gate to my backyard open, the meter reader would never show up;
(2) I was told to give my readings and followed the instructions left by the meter reader;
(3) I was told I am a candidate for a street level electronic reading device. And it would be submitted to install it. Of course, this went on for several months – April thru Oct. Until such time they finally installed the street level reading device, I was calling in my reading (per the instructions provided after the meter reader finally came by a few days after securing my dogs and leaving my gate open for them in the first place).
12/22 - They ordered a field investigation.
12/27 – I called again asking for status. They indicated they have no updates. To call a Mr.ingram in Field Investigations for status. I did so and left a message.
1/15 – I called and left another message with Mr.ingram. Still no response.
2/1 – I called LADWP Customer Service again. Explained everything again. Again they had no status on the field investigation. And indicated I should keep calling Mr.ingram. I called again and left another message.
2/8 – Left another message with Mr.ingram. Still no response.
This is unacceptable. I have paid all my LADWP bills on time for the last 11 years living in this home. And, it is unacceptable to have to continually follow-up on what should be a routine reading and customer service call.

I am now submitting a formal Management Review complaint with LADWP:
1) For terrible, ineffective, inefficient customer service;
2) Inconvenience and time I have had to spend following up, doing my own readings, risking my unlocked backyard to unauthorized intruders; and
3) For double charging without verifiable, justifiable evidence that my bill should be doubled.

Re: Complaint and Formal Management Level Review of Account #3-26-57292-22014-00-0000-1-01 (Yvonne A. Priest)


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