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I went to purchase a car from this lot on Tuesday the 7th. It was a very long and difficult process. The sales team was rude and unhelpful. I spent most of the day waiting even though I told them I had cash in hand and all paperwork needed to make the sale happen. When I finally got some help I was late for work and forced to pay the 500 before deciding on a vehicle etc. I was told this was part of the approval process. Once I decided on a car they began to get paperwork together and made me wait some more. I repeatedly asked to test drive the vehicle and was told no by several employees. Motty and Charles in particular were the two salesmen I was dealing with. Eventually I was able to leave with the car after a 6 hour process. Well, the car didn't even make it the two blocks away to my job. Literally as the car was dying Charles called me to ask if I had paid. He said he didn't remember, so I told him I did pay and brought up the issues I was experiencing with the car. He told me to bring it in the morning and we would trade cars. Lie-1. So I take it up there in the morning, and Charles says he wants me to drive the car to a shop so I can find out what's wrong before he can trade me cars, lie-2. So I proceed to begin driving it to a shop and it dies just getting out of thier lot. So I go back in and tell him I want to trade cars. He says let me see the keys n I will go look at it. He gets it to run and drives it to the shop. Since it is obviously not working - I ask again to trade vehicles. He says he can't get approval for two hours because his boss is in a meeting, lie-3. So they drop me off down the street to get a burger and wait "away from thier lot". Charles says he will call me in two hours to get me traded out, lie-4. Charles never calls so I walk back up there. All the sudden he can't trade me out and I have to wait for it to be fixed. I was told two cylinders aren't working as well as it having a broken tie rod! Fastforward to Friday - I call John who is the manager at thier main office at ten thirty am. He say he will find out what's going on and call me back in thirty minutes, lie-5. No call all day, so I call back at four pm and he says he doesn't remember speaking with me, but he will "look into it and call me back in 30", lie-6. So I call him back around 5, and he says the car is done and fixed, I can go pick it up, lie-7. So I call Charles back and he says yes it's done come on up and get it. So I get a ride up there, only when I get there, they claimed they lost the keys so I can't take the car, lie-8. I go back up there an hour later and see the car running in the back with the hood up, ie something else is wrong? So I call John back and his secretary hangs up on me "accidentally" 3 times in a row. When I do get to John, he hangs up as well. So as it stands now, they have my car, working or not, and my money and won't let me have either. I am seeking legal advice and plan on taking them to court. If anyone has any questions, or has had a similar experience - please contact me. Sorry if there is misspellings or typos, I'm filling this out on my cell phone-
(Personal Information Removed)

Offender: AutoMaxx

Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Murrelles Inlet   ZIP: 29576
Address: 5140 Highway 17 South
Phone: 8436519799

Category: Miscellaneous


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