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William K Murtaugh
Murt, Murtwitnessone Stalker, Pedophile

William K Murtaugh is better known as the man who bought a news van in florida just so he can be closer to the Casey Anthony trial, this man has a long history of stalking and contacting underage women that happen upon his blog, he has created a blog with the intention of luring other arm chair sleuths into his doman where he can communicate with and meet up with others with the same interests as him.

He is a prime suspect in the dissapearance of Trenton Duckett, and has been questioned by police regarding the dissapearance of Caylee Anthony, even going so far as to "tipping" off the police on himself in the hopes of getting media attention, the police even went so far as to dig up the back property of Mr. Murtaughs house looking for evidence regarding Trentons dissapearance.

As of this writing William Murtaugh still claims Trenton was murdered and that he has exclusive knowledge of who did it and where they are hiding the body, he has been found by police to be someone who is starved for attention and only injects themselves into these cases because they are a bit lonely and relish the attention it gives them.

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March 04, 2017 01:17 PM
Virtually everything written in this report is false. The author of this report continues to remain anonymous years after this report was created. It is important to point out that this website makes NO effort whatsoever to confirm the validity of any complaint published here. The website does not seem to be concerned when the safety and security of those who are the subjects of these complaints are placed in peril. I lost a business and multiple job opportunities as a result. I am not nor have I ever been a suspect in any crime let alone the murder of any child. The person who filed this report knows full well of the lack of truth in this report. I have made numerous posts challenging the author of this report and others to contact my local law enforcement agencies to find out for themselves that I am not being investigated in regards to this or any other case anywhere in the United States or internationally.
There has been recent disclosures of how easy it is to hack into various social media accounts and also to create what is now known as false news.

Hundreds of thousands of blogs are being created with the sole purpose of damaging people's reputation. No proof is ever offered and in the case of websites such as this one, NO effort is ever made by the administrators to get to the truth of what they allow to be posted. They leave it up to the subjects of these reports to do that on their own. It is common however that the subjects of these complaints never are aware of them. They find out only, as in my case, when a potential employer informs them they did not get the position they applied for because of reports such as this one.

Those responsible for these falsehoods are rarely made to account for their actions. Law enforcement does not investigate because they consider these actions as civil matters and lawyers do not take these reports for civil lawsuits because there is no money in it.

I suggest that anyone reading these reports take that into account when judging the validity of what is being written.

William K Murtaugh
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