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Bad Interview - Mr W.B

I went through a few rounds of interviews for a sales position for I loved the company and business model. I did very well.

UNTIL, the incompetent MALE district Manager called me - Mr W.B.

From the moment he opened his mouth, he was negative, hostile, he interruped me with every question he asked. Very irritated.

He would yell "that's not what I asked"... When he had asked that very question. Over and over this went.

I began to think it was some type of insane sales tactic to shake my peach tree, hard, and see how I reacted. So, I kept calm and carried on.

He would continue to yell at me, if HE thought I was not answering correctly, but, from my angle, I was. I had something to say and he needed to hear it.

He double talked and contridicted himself, many times. First, "it will take me a year to gather a nice rolodex of prospects" TO "you need to close in one deal." Well, which would you like? So, again, I tried to explain a process I would take on, and he smashed it to bits before hearing me out.

Also, because I did not know every single restaurant up to 50 miles away, he disgusted and did not give me time to name some great restaurant I know. Do you travel 50 miles for a steak? I can get great steaks within 10 minutes all around me. I knew enough to name about 15, but, that was also cut short.

He used a "brut" mentality. He basically called me a "liar", for not knowing some things HR SHOULD have told me, but, they did not. Although there was a town within my "county"... But apparently, not my territory. That was news to me. He did not believe me. So, smacked down again.

Through the entire 1/2 hour he spoke down to me and as if I was incompetent child, who had done something wrong.

I had never felt so insulted.

And, I knew the interview was going in a bad direction but I was unable to control his wild frenzy of 30 second Q&A.

I think in the end, I was overqualified for this type of sales job - going from selling $3M to $5M dollar deals, I believe I have a heavy hitting resume, a great work history which also shows, steady growth over the years. Always up and up.

I think he was worried I might end up with his job. (lol). No worries Mr Brev... I will not be coming for your job.

As a professional, with nearly 20 years in technology, (OHHH, is NOT a technology company... Really?) there is no reason to treat any person like and animal and be completely absent of dignity or simple respect. Big ZERO here.

He was the worst phone interviewer, how can HR not know this? The worst I have ever experienced.

The Northeast is in for some trouble if he is the District Manager.

Business School always said, "Jack the Ripper tactics never inspire a person or a team." Maybe he did not take that class?

Good luck with that live wire, or, the best way to describe Mr. W.B. Is as a "Velociraptor"... The claw. He is giving what I thought was a wonderful company a bad name, one by one.

FFLD County/CT


Country: USA

Category: Cars & Transport


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