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Complaint / Review
Miller's Ale House
Hostility anger rudeness over a simple rice takeout order rudest arrogant managers and workers

Horrible service attitudes and nastiness over a simple rice take out order? Waht is wrong with this society and what are these sick people coming to honsetly. I placed a very simple take out order at ale house. I dine there often, and the dining experience is generally fine, btu their take out experience is always a nightmare, the workers are rude incompetent, arrogant nasty and mean to you along with the ill mannered and obnoxious managers there.

On one occasion att his location, I parked in front of the restaurant, in front of a car with a female in it whose boyfriend worked at ale house. The female had plenty of room to get her car out, but decided she wanted to take vengeance out on me for pulling up in front of her. She angrily stared at me, and as her stupid boyfrined walked into the restaurant - an employee there, both looking at me as if I was doing something wrong, she then got out of her car, and came and banged on my window really hard literally terrorizing me yelling and screaming that she was going to hit my car. Not for any reason - she had plenty of room to get out... She then went back in her car, rolled her eyes, got pissed off adn drove off.

I was terrified and during the expereince called the restaurant to tell them i was scared... A girl who worked there got a manager to come out... And instead of the manager trying to find out who the employee was along with his girlfriend, or even saying he felt remorse or sorry about what happened (not that it was his fault but jsut showing remorse)... He rudely stated "well if she thought u were blocking her way, and u both were parked illegally"... Then she had a right to get out of her car and harass a customer? Excuse me? This place has the rudest immature pathetic managers you can find.

I decided to place a take out order recently— rice... How hard can this be? I called in and was hung up on 4 times... Just trying to place an order. The staff there is incompetent, rude arrogant —but not when you dine in only when you take out. I was trying to get the order in before the kitchen closed at 1:30... I was then rudely told "we don't do take out orders this late" by such a rude person and I explained to them it was just 'rice' I maen... U can't prepare a rice take out order it's liek ordering bread on the side... Of course they could but they were so nasty and mean aboutit—the girl there almost hung up on me and I had to ask for a manager.

The manager, an arrogant prick by the name of tim got on the phone and after some convincing he decided to let me place the rice order. Whew, that was a close one... God forbid you let someone order rice past the 1:20 take out order cut off time... I mean this is seriously carzy to me... I understand rules and regulations, but over something like this? He said he'd see me in 5 mins.

I ended up getting there around 1:58, and called up asking them if they could possibly bring the order to my car for personal reasons—they don't have curb side but have done it before... Of course they were not obligated to do that but they didn't have to be so rude about it... I got harassed almost just for asking and then told your RICE IS READY U CAN COME pick it up... As if I was now committing something huge on top of that was harassed for coming in late! I was told you have about ONE MINUTE to come pick your order up then we're closed... What?

Then the nasty manager tim got back on the phone... And is lek. You said you'd be here in 10 mins and you're 30 minutes late (or something to that extent) and your RICE is ready... I mean you have got to be kidding me here? Are these people ok? They were so rude over a rice order? The manager then told me 'THIS IS RIDICULOUS" that i was asking them to bring it out to me... And also putting me down for not coming in 10 minutes —not only was there no discussion of 10 minutes ever, no customer is obligated to be there within a ceratin time frame to pick up a take out order&this is beyond absurd... Then gets insulted for it... I was then rudely told to come pick up my rice again before they close...

I mean waht kind of restaurant and management team is this— what kind of morons and jerks work at this place... They harass customers over rice and bully them along with so much other nonsense... Corporate restaurants can have bad management but not the way this place is— isn't there a way customers who are being treated like this can got o complain to about thsi kind of treatment?

Offender: Miller's Ale House

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Address: Alafaya Trail

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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