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Efund and sears illegally removing unauthorized funds from our bank - range

May 4 we ordered a range online layaway but were able to use our coupon code. We were informed we're not able to use coupon codes on layaway, which is false, because we used coupon codes on layaways in the past and the following day used a coupon code for another layaway. We contacted sears & after speaking to several people decided to purchase the range and pay the full amountof authorized amount of $364.77, we cancelled prior layaway. We were told after several attempt we'ld receive our layaway refund w/in 72 hours and still have yet to receive. We later noticed following the purchase that sears took more then what was authorized and agreed upon. Sears took $402. Not just $364.77. We contacted sears immediately only to be informed that was the way they had to do the transaction in order to use the coupon code. We were not asked or told of this, I'm certain that was illegal. I've been told so many stories trying to resolve this issue as a matter of fact we've been trying to resolve this for over a wk. To no avail. We were informed the refunds take 72 hrs, then 3-5 days, then 3-5 business days then yesterday we were told if it wasn't on our bank today give them a call. Mind you sears did make a refund of $1.50 a partial refund pymt. Of the $38.00 refund on 5/ the meantime this has caused us to go in the rears w/our bank and we had to pay a $35.00 fee. Now today after speaking to approximately 5 people we're told the $36.50 balance of the $38.00 has been expedited and should be in our bank tomorrow. As for the 91.01 refund due us now we're told it could take another 10 days to 2 wks. This is totally unfair and we're extremely upset about this entire situation. Further more we also feel we shouldn't have had to pay a $10.00 layaway cancellation fee. We're loyal customers and have lots of family and friends that we've turned onto sears and kmarts prices, and rewards. My husband is so upset he doesn't want to ever purchase anything from sears in the future. I must be a glutton for punishment because im still toying w/the thought, call me crazy if you will but that's no promise. You have no idea the pain and frustration this has caused us, and now we're going to go further in debt because we have 2 bills that naturally come out of our bank monthly on the 15th which is tomorrow. I find it extremely unbelievable that this has taken this long and that it's still not resolved, this is absolutely horrifying. Why must we be treated like this, it's totally unfair and unjustifiable. I know what sears did is illegal, it's not we were asking for anything but our due process. This is unexceptable and needs to resolved ASAP please, enough is enough already. As a matter of fact we're on the verge to cancel the entire order and tell sears come get the range and go elsewhere. It's a stainless steel range, no bells or whistles but it's new. We wanted to purchase a matching side by side frig. And over the range microwave, but my husband said absolutely not, well he will but not from sears. This has been almost 2 wks. To no avail. Please contact me at your earliest convienance to resolve this issue, it would be deeply appreciated at 717-651-5213. Thank you and have a blessed day. Mrs. William A. Boyer Sr. [email protected] 4708 orchard street Harrisburg pa 17109

Offender: Sears

Country: USA

Category: Business & Finance


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