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Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable is the worst cable provider I have ever come across. They lied to me to sell me faster internet speeds for an additional charge when the problem was that they were actually capping my bandwidth. Customer service then told me that their system was down when I told them that I wanted to cancel my subscription ...

Upgrade rip offs

I have posted this as a comment but figured what the heck, I'll post it as a complaint too I had an international package with Dishnetwork since November 09, a few months back I removed it since my mom wasn't here to watch it, and added the America 120. Mom is back as of yesterday for the next 9 months hence I called ...

Direct TV
2 year contract

I signed with Qwest for a bundled tv, Internet, and direct tv package a year ago. Now having money problems, I needed to cancel most of this. With qwest all went well. When I tried to cancel with direct tv they informed me that I had a 2 year contract. I explained to them that I had bundled through quest and didn't have a 2 ...

Direct TV
Early Termination fee

Direct TV is ripping me off, saying that I owe them a $360.00 early termination charge, stating that I agreed to a 2-yr service agreement, which I did not... My A/C# was 56811000 Melvin Magner... Service address was: 1435 Willow Ave, Des Plaines, IL 60016... I knew when I moved into this address that it was to be short term & ...

Direct TV
Cancellation fee

I have been a Direct TV customer for over 10 years. About a year ago, my satellite box died and I replaced it with an upgraded DVR box at a cost of $150. Today I called to cancel my service (going back to cable) and was informed that I will be charged $225 early cancellation fee. I was furious! How can a customer of 10 years be ...

Bad discs

I have been a Netflix customer for the past 2 years and it seems that 75% of the DVD’s I receive are so pixilated that the movies cannot be watched. I finally canceled my membership after having the last 3 movies I received damaged - and one of them was a replacement for the same movie that I returned because it was damaged! ...