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Direct TV
Customer Service

I ordered service and wasn't not told I needed to have an area marked for the tech to install. So i had to reschedule. When i called to reschedule, i was told someone would call me in three days. No one called. I called again and was continuously directed to new numbers. Finally, i was told by a supervisor that I wouldn't be ...


My boyfriend and I went to see a movie that was rated R and we were 16 and 17, but we had his mother with us to buy the tickets and the teller said they can't go in unless they have college ID's since it's rated R. Well the sign just to the left of us said you had to be 17 and have and ID with you to show proof of age, the guy ...

Early cancellation fee

I went to AT&T for Internet and TV and they suggested a bundle in which AT&T provides Internet and DirectTV provides the TV. Neither the AT&T staff at the store nor the phone staff mentioned at any time that I was entering into a de facto 2 year contract for the TV portion. DirectTV sent a confirmation letter for the order at ...

Direct TV
Customer Service

5/15/12 8pm This company is terrible when it comes to customer service. My experience was horrifying!!! I began the call as a new customer, and the way they treated me... OMG They ran my credit and I was declined for there new offers. They then transfer me to there sales line where a customer service rep mentions to me that I ...

Dish Network
Poor Service

We've been a Dish customer for almost 10 years. We recently moved a TV and DVR from a bottom level of our home to the main level and purchased a new Flatscreen TV. We followed directions on the Tv manual and also from thier so called TECH support 5 times and still no picture. We asked for a Technichan to come and look at it... ...