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Cannot view live tv auctions on gems tv website anymore. Just black screen and mesg: Server not found: rtmpt://loadbalancer2. 80/ gemstv No problems with other sites, just this one. Have contacted them by email, they say it's not their problem, (thanks) Happens on both of my computers, whichever browser i ...

Verizon FIOS

This 'service' is beyond unacceptable. Saturday 2pm the TV service went out, called in, was transferred 3 times, got tech support, they were unable to get it to reset. Called back and got transferred 3 times again, then to another tech support person, also unable to reset the signal. Told me I had to be transferred to get an ...

My babysitter's a Vampire
Disney channel's show

LOVE My babysitter's a vampire I hope they start making a lot of more series my little 10 years old brother loves it also I think is the best show right now it's really interesting... I have been reading comments & I don't know why all this parents or teens or kids are saying that disney channel is a bad influence or that the ...

Charter Communications
Ad business practices - Bundle

I call yesterday for service in Spanish for fine some solution to my bill, I need call more that 3 times but this customer representatives cut my conversation many times, and transfer to other areas, because no have basis knowledge for resolution of problems. I have one contract for two years, with one price, now the price is ...

Direct TV
Customer Service

I ordered service and wasn't not told I needed to have an area marked for the tech to install. So i had to reschedule. When i called to reschedule, i was told someone would call me in three days. No one called. I called again and was continuously directed to new numbers. Finally, i was told by a supervisor that I wouldn't be ...


My boyfriend and I went to see a movie that was rated R and we were 16 and 17, but we had his mother with us to buy the tickets and the teller said they can't go in unless they have college ID's since it's rated R. Well the sign just to the left of us said you had to be 17 and have and ID with you to show proof of age, the guy ...