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Customer Service

Why are you screwing over the long term customers that made you what you are today? I believe Krystal stated I had been a customer since 2003, I was looking to lower our monthly bill, AND get our outdated antiquated equipment replaced. The only way I could do that was to cancel my service and become a new subscriber... Krystal ...

Direct TV
Avoid at any cost guys

Today we lost the signal on all 6 of our receivers. After talking with the DTV agent it was determined that a piece of their equipment was defective but they couldn't schedule a service call for three days. Waiting three days for a repair is unsatisfactory especially when they offer next day connection for new subscribers. I ...

NO customer service

I have had Netflix for many years, and until recently, I have never had a problem with it. I want to let you know how abysmal thier “customer service” is. The weekend of January 7th, 2012, I started getting an error message on some of the shows I have been watching online. Until now, I have not had any problems. It wasn’t an ...


I have been overcharged by netflix twice my plan is 7.99 plus tax yet i have been charged 17.21 tow or 3 times on my discover card i cancelled them once before for this and was told it wouldnt happen again 2 months after starting back happened again. I like netflix but dont like being double billed plus. ...

Fraudulent Charges

Directv double charged my account when I paid my bill. This caused some overdraft fees from my bank. Directv refused to resolve issue even though I have faxed multiple documents showing where my account was was processed twiced, therefore causing the overdraft. I faxed, and emailed and did whatever they told me I need to do. 10 ...

Disney Channel

Jessie Is A Bad Show Because Zuri Said She Doesn't Know It's A Bra Boys Be Watching It Too I Am An 12 Year Old Girl Saying How Difficult This Show A 12 Year Old! Disney I Don't Know Who You Turned Into But The New Person That Is In Charge Of Disney Channel Should Get Fired Or Quit This Mess. ...