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Our verizon fios TV went out 5 days ago. It took those 5 days to get a technician out to check our service. The technician was scheduled for 9 AM. He finally showed up at 9:30 PM. This caused my wife to sit home all day waiting for this guy. He tests the service and in about 10 minutes determines that it's a probem outside of ...

Nice Gift For You & House M. D (

I left the last house at the end of the sixth season, also a weakness, but also one of the little terror. The two main characters were eaten long after the / 'or tease and flirt, and since then all the love, but I've always been wary of how these things unfold. It may not be as bad as I thought. At this point, I hope you all ...


This company fraudulently and without authorization charged its fees to a credit card number that they garnered illegally. A class action law suit is being instituted against this company so if you know of anyone who has been fraudulently charged by this company, please have them join the suit which will be posted on-line soon. ...

Barnes and Noble
Customer service

For one month I have been asking Barnes and Noble to put back onto my gift card, a credit that was supposed to be given back to me after THEY couldn't fulfill a cd order I had placed. First I was informed a gift card was being mailed to me... Never came... Then I sent in three emails and received back replies that had nothing ...

Direct TV
Customer Service

I ordered direct tv on 8/11 and scheduled installation on 9/19 between 8-12. I paid $51.94 for the installation and noticed the money was taken out of my account within a hour of placing the order. On 8/19 at 2 P.M. I started calling direct tv to find out what happened with the installation. My 1st phone call I was hung up on, ...

Direct TV
Horrible Customer Service

I got lured into Direct TV by there commercial offering great packages for cheap free Sunday Ticket for a year. After moving into a new house with (no internet) I called DirectTV and ordered what I thought was the plan I wanted. I realized after a day or two of watching this wasn't the one I wanted, called them back to go the ...