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Dish Network
Poor Service

We've been a Dish customer for almost 10 years. We recently moved a TV and DVR from a bottom level of our home to the main level and purchased a new Flatscreen TV. We followed directions on the Tv manual and also from thier so called TECH support 5 times and still no picture. We asked for a Technichan to come and look at it... ...

Dish Network
Unauthorized charges

I started service wtih DISH network in the fall of 2009. I moved at the end of July, 2010, and called to ask them to cancel services. Since I had a 2 year contract, they said they could not cancel yet., but could in 3 months. I told them to cancel as soon as possible. They not only did not cancel in 3 months, they continued to ...

Disney Channel

Me and my kids were wondering why you guys put new shows and good movies on so late on sunday nights! Dont you guys know most kids have bedtimes around 8 or 9 really annoying! Sorry just saying would be nice on a saturday thanks ...

Customer Service

Why are you screwing over the long term customers that made you what you are today? I believe Krystal stated I had been a customer since 2003, I was looking to lower our monthly bill, AND get our outdated antiquated equipment replaced. The only way I could do that was to cancel my service and become a new subscriber... Krystal ...

Direct TV
Avoid at any cost guys

Today we lost the signal on all 6 of our receivers. After talking with the DTV agent it was determined that a piece of their equipment was defective but they couldn't schedule a service call for three days. Waiting three days for a repair is unsatisfactory especially when they offer next day connection for new subscribers. I ...