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Bad customer service

I called Comcast 610.367.6666 on 11/2 to see about downgrading my service due to some financial strain on our budget. I was happy to hear we would be able to save approx $19 a month and still have channels 2-100. I was informed by customer service that I could switch to the bundle package ($89.99 per month) and save even more. ...

Poor Customer Service

I purchased a 46" Samsung television in 2008. It is now December of 2011 and the television no longer works. I paid close to $2000.00 for the television and this is way too soon for an sophisticated electronic device to have become useless. The worst part is that I contacted Samsung and they admitted that this model had ...


Please people, never use direcTV! I managed to gain a since of composure in order to write this article, however I'm still pretty tense about the situation. Basically, direcTV stole my money. Everything I had off of my card. The worst part of it is that I never used their services before, I only authorized DirecTV to charge ...

Worst customer service eve

A neighbors tree fell and disconnected the cable line. I reported it promptly on Nov. 17th at 1am which took around 30 minutes including hold time and transfers. A service tech came on November 18th at 6pm and connected the line, but did not check any other connections or test in any way —just quickly left. Call # 1 was made at ...

ATT U-Verse

I setup service with an ATT rep. Yesterday for a service technician to be at my home between 4PM and 9PM. I called at 8:30PM wondering where the technician was and they told me they've overbooked. This is not the first time this has happened and to add insult to injury they make it almost impossible to talk to a real person. I ...