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Direct TV
Cancellation fee

I have been a Direct TV customer for over 10 years. About a year ago, my satellite box died and I replaced it with an upgraded DVR box at a cost of $150. Today I called to cancel my service (going back to cable) and was informed that I will be charged $225 early cancellation fee. I was furious! How can a customer of 10 years be ...

Bad discs

I have been a Netflix customer for the past 2 years and it seems that 75% of the DVD’s I receive are so pixilated that the movies cannot be watched. I finally canceled my membership after having the last 3 movies I received damaged - and one of them was a replacement for the same movie that I returned because it was damaged! ...

Dish TV
Customer service

We bought a new tv and we called dishtv to help us program our dish remote to our new Sanyo. We spoke to a technician who was nice but she was unable to help us (even after going through all of the troubleshooting). I asked her if I could speak with another technician. As I was asking her she said that our phone connection was ...


To Whom it may concern: On October 13th 2011 I had, had enough of my picture constantly going out due to the rain. I had just finished trying to watch a show I had recorded from the night before only to find that over 20 minutes of the show didn’t record due to the rain the night before. The 5 days before this it had been ...

Verizon FIOS

It all started this summer. Comcast offered me cable, voice, internet at a significant savings from verizon. I signed the contract. Went on vacation. Told them i would call when i got back to make an appointment to install the service. While I was on vacation—someone, not me took my phone number from verizon. I came home from ...

Poor Customer Service

Bought a Vizio 16.5 inch tv from Amazon. It worked for 3 months. Sent it in for repair. Have a host of documents that show who, when, and why I called VIZIO. Eight months later VIZIO still has my TV. I have a new plan to deal with these rogue companies that try to screw with me..* Go to your nearest retailer with the best ...