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Dish TV
Customer service

We bought a new tv and we called dishtv to help us program our dish remote to our new Sanyo. We spoke to a technician who was nice but she was unable to help us (even after going through all of the troubleshooting). I asked her if I could speak with another technician. As I was asking her she said that our phone connection was ...


To Whom it may concern: On October 13th 2011 I had, had enough of my picture constantly going out due to the rain. I had just finished trying to watch a show I had recorded from the night before only to find that over 20 minutes of the show didn’t record due to the rain the night before. The 5 days before this it had been ...

Verizon FIOS

It all started this summer. Comcast offered me cable, voice, internet at a significant savings from verizon. I signed the contract. Went on vacation. Told them i would call when i got back to make an appointment to install the service. While I was on vacation—someone, not me took my phone number from verizon. I came home from ...

Poor Customer Service

Bought a Vizio 16.5 inch tv from Amazon. It worked for 3 months. Sent it in for repair. Have a host of documents that show who, when, and why I called VIZIO. Eight months later VIZIO still has my TV. I have a new plan to deal with these rogue companies that try to screw with me..* Go to your nearest retailer with the best ...

Direct TV
No Customer Service

I have had direct tv for over a year. I moved called to get the service moved to my new address and have yet to be hooked up. I live in my fifth wheel and moved to be closer to my job they told me that I would have to take the tires off my fifth wheel to be connected again. The tech they sent out on Saturday refused to set me ...

Poor quality

Most all the rental I've gotten are so scratched up, they skip. And not once but twice has it given me the wrong movie, so I've had to return n purchase the correct one, so annoying... ...