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Complaint / Review
Charter Communications
Misrepresented their bundle packages, and added illegitimate charges to my bills

I started on the wrong foot with Charter at the November I received an ad in the mail from Charter Communications offering a bundle package plan for basic cable, internet, and phone for $69 for one year. I called in December and asked their employee if the basic cable included channel 59 the sci fi channel and he told me it would be included. I asked about how much it costs with the taxes and other fees. He told me approximately $72 per month. He told me it would cost me $90 to install and to have the money ready on installation and I paid it the day it was installed. When the cable people arrived they told me that I would be getting 40 channels and the basic cable does not include the sci fi channel. They had me call the company again. They agreed to give me the sci fi channel but only if I agreed that I could only have the package bundle for 6 months. I reluctantly agreed. When I got my first bill I was shocked to see it was $138.48 instead of $72 that I was told it would be. I called to complain and was told that the extra cost was because the charge one month ahead of time. I let that April I received a notice telling me my bundle package would soon be over. It ends in June. They sent me an offer for a new bundle package of the highest speeds internet, unlimited phone calls and 175 channels on demand for $129 for 1 year. The offer expires in May. I called them on April 22. I asked the Charter employee how much it would be to install and he told me $29.99. I asked, If I switch to this bundle from my current bundle would I be charged in my next bill for both? He told me I wouldnt and reassured me I would only be charged the $129.97 bundle, the $29 installation fee, any on demand or pay per view movies I watch and the usual taxes. When I got my bill it was $269.49. I watched $27.93 worth of on demand movies, add that to 129.97 to the package deal, $29.99 one time installation fee, 33.93 taxes the bill should be no more than $221.82. I am being charged $47.67 extra. When I called three times to argue about it the two employees and one supervisor keep trying to distract me with modem costs, and the movies I am being charged for. The modem price was always figured into the charter bundle in past bills. It looks like they are charging me for a month and a half worth of charges when the bill is only for a month or they are billing me for both bundles. They also keep adding recovery fees to my bills and when I ask about it they tell me it was from a past bill from a previous time when I had Charter. I do not owe them any money from a previous time. I paid all past bills in full. The internet has been slowing down and I called to ask why I have not received their fastest internet speed. I was told they would speed it up for $5 more. I told them it says in the bundle that I would receive the fastest internet speed and if they can speed it up for $5 more than they are not giving me their fastest speed. I pointed out truth in advertisement. They refused to speed up my internet and it is at the same speed as it was on my previous basic plan.

Offender: Charter Communications

Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Duluth
Address: 302 E Superior St
Phone: 8884382427

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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